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802, 2023

UK: Inês Cosmetics partners with Oddative for Product Development and Digital Marketing

202, 2023

UK: Ecoroot & Oddative Team Up to Enhance Digital Presence and Technical Support

411, 2022

📢: Oddative started deploying ChatGPT as their default co-pilot

409, 2022

TURKEY: AKEL Moda and Oddative agreed on handling the Textile design and fabric simulation

402, 2022

TURKEY: VividusCosmetics partners with Oddative to prototype and develop their Labeling and marketing

310, 2021

TURKEY: RealtySpot Real-estate chose Oddative to develop their online presence and digital marketing

501, 2021

KUWAIT: Mazamir, Oddative to lead the R&D of their website and applications

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